LighTIN PHONE is a project that transforms communication to a visual, interactive, real-time game. Inspired by our childhood’s tin can telephone, LighTIN PHONE transmits sounds, feelings, and emotions based on multi-color light paths that visualize the inherent human tendency for contact. Visitors, situated on the banks of the river or at a nearby park, start chatting through pairs of LighTIN PHONES and simultaneously light signals are transmitting as linear light beams between them, connecting strangers. Their color will change according to people’s voice tone. Silence will be translated into darkness while the more people are chatting the more floating colored light beams will travel in space, creating a luminous network of communication, a matrix of friendship.
Like the dual nature of light, LighTIN PHONE offers a dual experience for both the users and the visitors-viewers. The visitors are motivated to start a call, by pressing a button on the side of the can. Then a white light will flash at the paired LighTIN PHONE, inviting another person to respond the call. Thus, both users come in contact. During the call, they discover that they are in control of the visual effect as they are chatting. The communication becomes an interactive visual experience, through colored light beams traveling in space. Both users and external viewers experience a visual realization of communication and friendship.