City’s Bond concept is a unique portrayal of Amsterdam,
attempting to embrace symbolically the past, the present
and the future of it as a city. The concept, which is inspired
by the artwork of Dutch artist Escher, Bond of Union and
the circular arrangement of the urban net of Amsterdam in
combination with the cultural enclaves, targets at capturing
a new view of the city via a light installation. Like a dreamy
city that is hovering above the water and it is mirrored on
that. A bond which starts from the urban net, unfolded
above the canal like the net of concentric semicircular
canals, called De Grachtengordel. Small and large globes,
like satellites, surround the bond, representing -in that way
– the hundreds of nationalities who peacefully coexist at
the city of Amsterdam.
City’s Bond seeks to stimulate the imagination of the
viewer and make him to reflect on the city via that
artwork. Α city which is both existing and existent at the
globe of imagination and memory. A city which has an
exceptional arrangement and water, as a principal part of
its structure, mirrors the daily life. A city which is
anthropocentric and simultaneously, multicultural with a
wealthy cultural heritage. The viewer is invited to
recognize Amsterdam as the city where he lives or visits
and through that artwork, he/she approaches
himself/herself as a vital piece of the city. City’s Bond
aspires to make viewer feel that a huge bond cuddles
him/her and place him/her at its core, given the core of
that welcoming city is human itself.
Nella Stefanatou, Pinelopi Triantafyllou