How does it feel to be alone in a crowd ?

How can you take care of yourself as a unit in a world that seems like it is threatening you? And how difficult can it become to maintain your autonomy when you feel unsafe and afraid?

Humans have a need for beliefs that help them find meaning in their lives; such beliefs can influence their feelings, their behavior, and their mental condition. Research has shown that religion fulfills the basic desires of our existence.

The main question in this project is how one’s faith affects one’s personality. Examples from modern history and our present socio-political situation abound with the ugly truth: political and religious leaders can easily weaponize religious feelings in response to social, financial, and political injustices. Due to the difficulties of survival and growing feelings of oppression, the faithful can easily be manipulated. The installation Prayers has been conceived as an examination of this human necessity to believe and to fulfill the need to belong somewhere. In a chaotic world, the safety of a smaller community in which one can feel significant is a relief.
However, despair can create a weakness that makes one lose the real meaning of their faith and, eventually, reality.