Instrumental, a visual poem for memory

Instrumental, a visual poem for memory is a site specific installation, result of the one month art residency at La Napoule Art Foundation in south of France. Group exhibition, White Gallery, Château de la Napoule, France 2016 Site specific installation, paper sculpture, video projection... read more


Back to Athens 4 / 2016. Exarchia The Exarchia district, flourished between 1870 and 1880 at the confines of the city, playing a significant role in the social and political life of Greece. Μany intellectuals and artists live and work within the Exarchia perimeter. Historical and architectural landmarks of the area are the National Metsovian Polytechnic and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. The Metsovian Polytechnic, founded in 1837, features a suite of magnificent neo-classical buildings by architect Lysandros Kaftantzoglou, while the museum has an imposing neo-classical design, initially planned by the architect Ludwig Lange and later modified by architect Panagis Kalkos, Armodios Vlachos and Ernst Ziller. The Exarchia area is cultural hub for the arts, for theatrical performances and concerts that take place around the central square. Cul-de-sac Pinelopi Triantafyllou,Elina Sfountouri /PVC, LED /Dimensions... read more

City’s Bond

 City’s Bond concept is a unique portrayal of Amsterdam, attempting to embrace symbolically the past, the present and the future of it as a city. The concept, which is inspired by the artwork of Dutch artist Escher, Bond of Union and the circular arrangement of the urban net of Amsterdam in combination with the cultural enclaves, targets at capturing a new view of the city via a light installation. Like a dreamy city that is hovering above the water and it is mirrored on that. A bond which starts from the urban net, unfolded above the canal like the net of concentric semicircular canals, called De Grachtengordel. Small and large globes, like satellites, surround the bond, representing -in that way – the hundreds of nationalities who peacefully coexist at the city of Amsterdam. City’s Bond seeks to stimulate the imagination of the viewer and make him to reflect on the city via that artwork. Α city which is both existing and existent at the globe of imagination and memory. A city which has an exceptional arrangement and water, as a principal part of its structure, mirrors the daily life. A city which is anthropocentric and simultaneously, multicultural with a wealthy cultural heritage. The viewer is invited to recognize Amsterdam as the city where he lives or visits and through that artwork, he/she approaches himself/herself as a vital piece of the city. City’s Bond aspires to make viewer feel that a huge bond cuddles him/her and place him/her at its core, given the core of that welcoming city is human itself. Nella Stefanatou, Pinelopi... read more

Readings on garments

 What are we without our clothes and what are our clothes without us? Does matter have a soul? One of its own; that of its creator or maybe that of its user? Can a garment narrate a story? A story of birth or death, love or hate, pain or fear, joy or sadness? Pieces of fabric dress our naked bodies. Pieces shaped after our bodies, still bear their warmth and smell, their curves and breath. Clothes that are empty but still full; full of life. Full of soul; mine or yours, a mother’s, an actress’s who was sweating to move you, a boy’s who was aroused when he touched you, a grandmother’s who came out of the kitchen while cooking for her grandchild. A room empty of people but full of their clothes that could tell their stories and reveal a part of their soul. Besides the smell of the flesh, what light of our soul remains on our clothes every time? Can artificial light and the shadow it creates, reveal whatever remains from ourselves and make clothes speak as they do when we wear... read more